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Professional Quality Hair Brushes & Combs

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Welcome to Hairshop, your go-to online store for high-quality hair care products. We offer an extensive range of salon-quality hair brushes and combs to help you achieve that perfect hairstyle. Our collection features a variety of brushes and combs, each designed to cater to different hair types and styles.

Our hair brushes are designed to make styling and maintaining your hair effortless. Whether you have straight, curly, or thick hair, our brushes will give you the perfect finish. We offer a wide range of hair brushes, including Ibiza boar bristle brushes, renowned for effortlessly detangling and smoothing hair.

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Wide Tooth Detangling Combs & Wave Combs

Our range of salon-quality combs includes wide tooth combs (from Ibiza) which are perfect for detangling wet hair without causing any breakage or damage. These detangling combs are ideal for curly or tangled hair, as they gently detangle knots without causing any pain or discomfort. For natural-looking waves and curls, Ibiza’s Wave Comb is an absolute must-have addition to your hair styling collection.

Blow Dry Brushes

Blow drying your hair has never been easier with our quality range of blow dry brushes. These brushes are designed to create a smooth and polished finish and are suitable for all hair types.

Ibiza Airwave Shower Brush - White

Shower Brushes

Ibiza’s luxurious shower brushes are designed to massage and exfoliate your scalp, leaving your hair feeling clean and refreshed. They’re also perfect for distributing shampoo and conditioner evenly throughout your hair. (available in white or black)

Exfoliating Brush

For those who suffer from a dry or itchy scalp, Avedas’ exfoliating scalp brush is perfect for you. This brush is designed to gently exfoliate your scalp, removing any dead skin cells and build-up that can cause irritation. It’s perfect for promoting hair growth, as it stimulates blood flow to the scalp.

Hair Shop is committed to providing our customers with the best hair care, styling and treatment products in Australia. All of our products are made with high-quality materials, ensuring that they last for a long time. With our range of hairbrushes and combs, you can achieve the perfect hairstyle effortlessly. Shop now and experience the difference! We are committed to offering a comprehensive selection of top-quality hair care essentials and innovative solutions designed for every hair type and concern. Looking to smooth frizz? Explore our dedicated frizzy hair solutions. Want to define your curls? Check out our carefully selected array of curly hair products. Dreaming of perfect beach waves? Try our sea salt spray, we have something for everyone. Looking for that effortless look. Immerse yourself in our broad range of natural O&M hair products, or discover our diverse assortment of hair brushes, including the luxurious boar bristle brush for smoothing hair and adding shine. For those focused on preserving their brunette shades or exploring heatless styling options, our products specifically designed for brunette hair and heatless curls are ideal. Additionally, keep your locks healthy and vibrant with our high-quality shampoos and conditioners, and don't forget to check out our hair growth oils and satin pillowcases to support your hair's health while you sleep. At Hairshop, every product is chosen to ensure you receive the best care for your hair, enhancing both its beauty and vitality.

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