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Professional, Salon Quality Ibiza Hair Brushes

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Hairshop provides you with only the best hair brushes! Ibiza Hair Brushes are professional level brushes made with the finest grade of materials. Why Ibiza Brushes? They are made with eco-friendly, flexible and resilient cork from the mediterranean as well as a strong blend of natural boar and heat-resistant carbon bristles from Spain. No other boar bristle brush can outperform them! Your hair will not get stuck, will not rip and will not break. You will have complete control with their 'GripSlip' technology that will help create shiny, beautiful hair at home.

perfect blowdry ibiza brushes

Ceramic Cork Series

The Ibiza Ceramic Cork Series is available in multiple sizes and is an amazing ceramic brush! These brushes use carbon fibre nylon bristles along with the eco-friendly cork handle and ceramic barrel. This a heat-resistant, ionic brush that provides your home styling session with an effortless glide while you eliminate frizz, fly aways and static electricity. We LOVE the ergonomic handles too!

Ibiza CC4 63mm Ceramic Nylon Bristle Brush

Great Hair needs Great Brushes 

Ibiza Brushes use a unique blend of boar and nylon bristles combined with beautiful, ergonomic, strong and eco-friendly cork handles. They are loved by stylists and used by our very own here at Hairshop! The brushes will grab yet slip to ensure your at home styling experience provides beautiful, shiny hair without breakage or ripping with their 'GripSlip' technology.

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Ibiza OC7 Oval Flat Blonde Boar Bristle Brush - Long Nylon


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