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Virtue Hair Products

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Hairshop is proud to present our premium collection of Virtue hair products. Six years ago, Virtue came across something extraordinary. In an entirely new way, researchers found a way to gather Keratin in its purest form. Hair, nails, and skin are made up of 90% of this incredible protein. They had discovered Alpha Keratin 60ku®.

Alpha Keratin is made from natural, vegan ingredients using naturally derived keratin that has been purified through steam treatment; this helps preserve its integrity as well as help make it last longer. It can be used by men and women of all ages, even those with sensitive skin or skin conditions such as acne or eczema. 


Virtue Recovery Shampoo & Conditioner


Virtue have harnessed the rejuvenating powers of Alpha Keratin and formulated a range of ethical, chemical free shampoo’s and conditioners that are of the quality used by hair professionals, but are safe enough to be used from the comfort of your home. Getting that salon feel hair from a product you can use at home is something our hair specialists really appreciate.

Virtue hair products

Virtue - An All-natural Hair Care Option

Virtue Shampoos and Conditioners are made out of all natural ingredients. That means that you can purify your locks and enjoy the sweet smell of nature without worrying about any harmful chemicals. Virtue is also made to reduce split ends. With these shampoo’s and conditioners you will have healthier hair with more volume, making your hair look much more vibrant! As hair professionals, the team at Hairshop do not like a lot of foam as it does not allow the scalp to breathe as well as lathering does. This product produces a lot less foam than most other brands and is extremely effective at repairing damaged hair.

Hairshop invites you to try out Virtue hair care range. We feel it sits perfectly next to our other ethical and eco-friendly brands such as Aveda, Oway, Mr Smith, Original & Mineral and Hot Tools.