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Davines Naturaltech for all Hair Concerns

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Davines Naturaltech | Where Nature & Technology Meet

Naturaltech is a complete program that targets hair and scalp needs, while bridging sustainable beauty practices with cutting-edge technology. Whether you're dealing with an excessively oily scalp or hormonal hair loss, the families of Naturaltech have been formulated to prevent and support the most common scalp and hair conditions. It helps to regain balance and restore the hair back to its healthy, natural state. 
Davines Naturaltech Energizing

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ENERGIZING: Stimulating products for scalp and fragile hair prone to falling out.

NOURISHING: Repairs dry and damaged hair with deep moisturising action.

ELEVATING: Uses anti inflammatory active ingredients to balance dry and sensitive scalps.

CALMING: Gently cleanses and soothes sensitive scalps.

PURIFYING: Fights scalps with oily or dry dandruff without causing irritation.

WELLBEING: Moisturises and hydrates without changing the hair structure. 

REBALANCING: Normalises and rebalances oily scalps with excess sebum production

REPLUMPING: Provides elasticity and hydration to the hair.

RENEWING: Promotes longevity for all scalp and hair types.

DETOXIFYING: Revitalises the scalp with anti-oxidant action.

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