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Kitsch Scrunchies is thrilled to introduce you to Kitsch – the hairdressing brand that promises to stand by you through life's twists and turns. Kitsch's ethos resonates with every strand of hair and every fibre of our being; life has its ups and downs, but your beauty journey should always elevate you. Confidence and beauty shouldn't be complicated, and sustainable choices shouldn't burn a hole in your pocket.


The Kitsch Experience: Authentic & Accessible

The Visionary Behind Kitsch - Behind every great brand is a trailblazing founder. Cassandra Thurswell, the heart and soul of Kitsch, started with a dream that has now blossomed into an internationally recognized brand. From a one-woman show to inspiring thousands, Cassandra’s journey is nothing short of inspirational. Dive into her story here.

Sustainability Meets Excellence

Kitsch are ardently committed to Mother Earth. From packaging to the very products, their focus is on minimizing waste and maximizing eco-friendliness, without any compromise on quality.

Join the Kitsch Community - An empowering space for women, by women. The Kitsch Facebook community has grown tenfold in the past 2 years, with over 191,000 followers. It’s more than just a group; it's a movement celebrating individuality, offering support, inspiration, and exclusive offers. Discover the magic here.

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Hairshop’s Exclusive Kitsch Hairdressing Collection

Kitsch Satin Pillowcases

Sleep has never been so stylish and hair-friendly. The Kitsch satin pillowcase is a true game-changer for beauty enthusiasts. Its satin construction means reduced friction, ensuring you wake up with smooth, frizz-free hair. For those who are particular about the quality and aesthetics of their bedding, this pillowcase is a merging of both. Beyond aesthetics, the benefits are numerous: fewer split ends, better hair moisture retention, and a cooler sleeping surface.

Kitsch Satin Heatless Curling Set for Flawless Heatless Curls

Say goodbye to the damage from heated tools. With the Kitsch satin heatless curling set, achieving those enviable curls is now effortless and damage-free. The set is designed to give you those luscious waves and curls overnight, all without any heat application. It's a testament to Kitsch's commitment to innovative solutions that prioritize hair health.

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Kitsch Hair Ties & Kitsch Scrunchies

Function meets fashion in these hair accessories. Kitsch hair ties are known for their durability and grip, ensuring your hairstyles remain intact and impressive. The Kitsch scrunchies, on the other hand, are a beautiful blend of retro and modern style, perfect for adding that chic touch to any outfit.

Kitsch Ceramic Thermal Hair Rollers

For those who love volume and bounce, these hair rollers are a must-have. Crafted with care, they ensure even heat distribution, creating curls that not only last longer but are also free from unwanted creases.

Kitsch Hairdressing

A term that encompasses Kitsch Australia’s dedication to redefining hair care and styling. With every product, there's a promise of quality, sustainability, and an unmatched style quotient. Whether you're a professional hairstylist or someone who loves to experiment with their locks, Kitsch hairdressing products offer you the tools to create and innovate.

At Hairshop, we're all about bringing you the best. Dive into the world of Kitsch and discover products that not only cater to your hair care and styling needs but also elevate your overall hair experience. We are committed to offering a comprehensive selection of top-quality hair care essentials and innovative solutions designed for every hair type and concern. Looking to smooth frizz? Explore our dedicated frizzy hair solutions. Want to define your curls? Check out our carefully selected array of curly hair products. Dreaming of perfect beach waves? Try our sea salt spray, we have something for everyone. Looking for that effortless look. Immerse yourself in our broad range of natural O&M hair products, or discover our diverse assortment of hair brushes, including the luxurious boar bristle brush for smoothing hair and adding shine. For those focused on preserving their brunette shades or exploring heatless styling options, our products specifically designed for brunette hair and heatless curls are ideal. Additionally, keep your locks healthy and vibrant with our high-quality shampoos and conditioners, and don't forget to check out our hair growth oils and satin pillowcases to support your hair's health while you sleep. At Hairshop, every product is chosen to ensure you receive the best care for your hair, enhancing both its beauty and vitality.

Kitsch Satin Heatless Hair Curler - Chocolate XL


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