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Orchard St Candles, Teas & Incense

Through the Orchard St Apothecary range of candles you may reap the life enhancing benefits of the highest quality botanicals. The Daily Ritual offerings of Orchard St teas and incense weave the aromatic properties of plants into your sacred space.

Offering an efficacious product while treading lightly is paramount to all Orchard St do. From their continuous pursuit for conscious sourcing, to their dedication to low impact packaging, to the sustainable way they operate. Everything they do is to elevate your health with Mother Earth in mind.

The Orchard St Philosophy

Herbalism as a form of activism. Our planet needs us to be awake and radiant. Plant remedies contribute to our experience of wellness while fostering our reverence for Mother Earth. Our belief is that plants can serve as a conduit for connection, serving to awaken awareness of non-duality, that there is no separation between us and the natural world, that We are Nature®.